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  • Valaki Szabdani
    Valaki Szabdani19 ore fa

    Ferrari was still in the top 10 in the 1st free practice BUT NOW OUTSIDE THE TOP 10?!?! 😤😳😡 What is Ferrari doing again?! 😳

  • Burger Sandwich
    Burger Sandwich19 ore fa

    I hope Valtteri keeps up the pace!

  • Takamusasu
    Takamusasu19 ore fa

    Alonso still out there getting his man🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Vyas Ponnuri
    Vyas Ponnuri19 ore fa

    Ferrari didn't come back down to earth. They tested the race pace instead of quali pace

  • Jonathan García
    Jonathan García19 ore fa

    Pérez zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Robina Shabnam
    Robina Shabnam19 ore fa

    What is the bumb on Redbull At the top part of Front Wing

  • Takamusasu
    Takamusasu19 ore fa

    Yeaaaaah I don’t see Tsunoda in that seat very long either.

  • ElFuturo Llego
    ElFuturo Llego19 ore fa

    i think max said "hey mate" no "anyway"

  • Ferrari's Masterplan
    Ferrari's Masterplan19 ore fa

    Of course Bottas P1 in Practice.

  • Shreya Patra
    Shreya Patra19 ore fa

    And George P10 on Saturdays "Mr. Saturday goes for the P10!!"

  • Toni Siret
    Toni Siret19 ore fa

    Quali looks tasty if the track temp stays. Rosanna 👍

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali19 ore fa

    1:41 *the two Ferraris came back down to earth* 😂😂🔥

  • Jorge Vasquez
    Jorge Vasquez19 ore fa

    Vote if you’d like Formula 1 to stop zooming into cars when turning a corner or passing by.

  • Kyle Kitzul
    Kyle Kitzul19 ore fa

    Yuki Spinoda

  • Hus 9
    Hus 919 ore fa

    Global warming

  • Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis19 ore fa

    Those Red Bulls sound sick on deceleration and coast!

  • Jai Dev
    Jai Dev19 ore fa

    Mazepin : the race will be a disaster 'otherwise'. Really Maz ? 'Otherwise' ?

  • Felipe Dimas
    Felipe Dimas19 ore fa

    With this pace Fernando will drive for another 10 years

  • jerrycaidic08
    jerrycaidic0819 ore fa

    "Schumacher was the lead Haas driver" As is the case for most of the time.

  • LunarTesting23 ROBLOX
    LunarTesting23 ROBLOX19 ore fa

    How many times would you like to crash in free practice? Yuki: *yes*

  • Nishit Patira
    Nishit Patira19 ore fa

    It is shocking how consistently Perez struggles in Practice and Qualifying and then how he comes up with great support drives for RB.

  • Bongo Baggins
    Bongo Baggins19 ore fa

    Red Bull: If UKIP had an F1 team.

  • Dean Ellis
    Dean Ellis19 ore fa

    Sporting integrity? After whining about everything under the sun for the last two months. Seriously?

  • Ops The Label
    Ops The Label19 ore fa

    Imagine merc doing all that poetry about redbull only for redbull to still be at the top tomorrow 🥴

  • woof woof
    woof woof19 ore fa

    the fact Max was hardly behind with wing problems spells disaster for Merc :D

    NAME NAME NAME19 ore fa

    While we're in Hungary, here's a small fun fact: the city of Budapest is divided by the river Danube, but this division was once way more pronounced, as the parts east and west of the river were the independent cities of Buda and Pest.

  • Krishna Patil
    Krishna Patil19 ore fa

    When under pressure the so called goat bottles it up... It has happened in almost every race this season.

  • Update & Upgrade
    Update & Upgrade19 ore fa

    Max Will be pole

  • God Legend
    God Legend19 ore fa

    Nah crashtappen will be third at best

  • Hardev Lad
    Hardev Lad19 ore fa

    Vettel's rainbow helmet 🏳️‍🌈

  • Cardiff Express
    Cardiff Express19 ore fa

    Mazepin’s the most consistent driver🐐

  • Messi the G.O.A.T Barca
    Messi the G.O.A.T Barca19 ore fa

    Giovinazzi 🤣🤣🤣

  • akshay amre
    akshay amre19 ore fa

    Mazepin is consistent 🤪

  • Mr. Crocket
    Mr. Crocket19 ore fa

    A non champion saying he did the right thing to 3 world champions... A idiot will always be a idiot... go cry to piquets and daddys house. You ll never be a World Champion!

  • Messi the G.O.A.T Barca
    Messi the G.O.A.T Barca19 ore fa

    F1 virtual is more interesting than the real one

  • Mohit arya
    Mohit arya19 ore fa

    After watching the sprint race...........I have started to enjoy it more instead of this normal one😂😅

  • BlaziTheEdgelord
    BlaziTheEdgelord19 ore fa

    Hope the Alpine boys can keep this pace for Saturday and Sunday. Well, I have no doubt for Fernando, and that would be great to see Ocon perform

  • SerPurple
    SerPurple19 ore fa

    The fact the FIA wouldn't even review the Hamilton incident shows just how biased they are...

  • Kelian De Valck
    Kelian De Valck19 ore fa

    Ocon 4th come on !

  • AryenBoi
    AryenBoi19 ore fa

    Surprised mazepin hasn’t crashed/spun/caused a collision yet

  • Koala Tea
    Koala Tea19 ore fa

    Let's go Gasly!! Get it!

  • Jason Figlioli
    Jason Figlioli19 ore fa

    How many cars will Alonso pass at the start of this race? Iam betting 5 !

  • Maxmillan Muchena
    Maxmillan Muchena19 ore fa

    George to Mercedes confirmed...

  • Kaden Lemon
    Kaden Lemon19 ore fa

    I think Bottas has the pool tomorrow. He’s been really fast

  • Ambergris
    Ambergris19 ore fa

    Are Red Bull running an especially high rake ? 0:35 looks... wrong

  • Masked Gamer
    Masked Gamer19 ore fa

    Hopefully a clean race from both Redbull and Mercedes. Don't want to see a crash like last time to any of the drivers.

  • AiZaT_WorLD 5858
    AiZaT_WorLD 585819 ore fa

    It is not going to be a boring race again like before..its getting more and more interesting now...

  • 156football
    156football19 ore fa

    I wanna see Esteban do well

  • Qasim Ali
    Qasim Ali19 ore fa

    Mazepin on fire 🔥🔥

  • Muhammed Abdumalikov
    Muhammed Abdumalikov19 ore fa

    Red Bull in P1 and P3

  • A
    A19 ore fa

    Valterri is on fire ... hope he gets the silver ware for quali and race

  • Blue Ninja PRO OFFICIAL
    Blue Ninja PRO OFFICIAL19 ore fa

    Hes just as nice as his uncle seb

  • The Hero
    The Hero19 ore fa

    I will not be surprised if Bottas takes 1st position and Max Taking 2nd in the Qualifyings

  • God Legend
    God Legend19 ore fa

    Crashtappen won't make the front row

  • JD Cheng
    JD Cheng19 ore fa


  • Sebastian Jordan
    Sebastian Jordan19 ore fa

    Ahh typical practice.. Mclaren looking slow until it's uno reverse card on sunday

  • Soy imad
    Soy imad19 ore fa

    What’s happening to FERRARI

  • Bhavesh Sangle
    Bhavesh Sangle19 ore fa

    Got this recommended after searching drifting 😂😂😂

  • Aditya Khandekar
    Aditya Khandekar19 ore fa

    This season be like : I'm moving up and down, side to side like a roller coaster

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake19 ore fa

    You read my mind.

  • Abhinav
    Abhinav19 ore fa

    If Russell is called Mr. Saturday then Bottas should be called Mr. Friday.

  • The Queen's Half Corgi
    The Queen's Half Corgi19 ore fa

    Since Merc’s strategy seems to be Ham and Bot versus Ver, I wonder if they will actually sign Russell. Russell is quick, so he might even challenge Hamilton for the title.

  • Toms River
    Toms River19 ore fa

    Surprised that a team is working as a TEAM to defeat an other team ? It's Ham-Bot versus RB and Ver-Per versus Merc.

  • HereWeGoAgain
    HereWeGoAgain19 ore fa

    Boring Friday. Bring back sprint

  • 1shwabe
    1shwabe19 ore fa

    Remember that Lewis has won the last three races here at Hungary. Max has an uphill battle now..

  • Alok Sharma
    Alok Sharma19 ore fa

    1:39: "The two Ferraris came back down to Earth in 11th and 12th." Savage.

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse19 ore fa

    They are not this year's usual positions... They always put shame on Ferrari

  • Ferrari's Masterplan
    Ferrari's Masterplan19 ore fa

    Not again...

  • shrikanth k.m.
    shrikanth k.m.19 ore fa


  • Vineeth
    Vineeth19 ore fa

    Valtteri has the history of getting pole positions in Hungary

  • paul lavallee
    paul lavallee19 ore fa

    Can't wait for the start,, Can't till the finish,, Cheers to a great season in F1 !

  • Cagri Yüksel
    Cagri Yüksel19 ore fa

    i like the new track in the background... makes it sound intense

  • Aris Vlachopoulos
    Aris Vlachopoulos19 ore fa

    Do you know the name? :D

  • Manuel Norbertson
    Manuel Norbertson19 ore fa

    "Max this is Christian, remember Silverstone. Gloves off. All or nothing. Don't back down, especially if he is ahead."

  • ZER (degli ZeroMic)
    ZER (degli ZeroMic)19 ore fa

    Vettel rainbow helmet in Hungary <3

  • Avais Hussain
    Avais Hussain19 ore fa

    Daniel Ricciardo edged Kimi to p13? Edged? He was nearly 6 tenths faster Lool. That’s not edged. Just saying 😂👍

  • Gwaif
    Gwaif19 ore fa

    Who's here to see Redbull fans go crazy on Mercedes

  • Munken Flodhest
    Munken Flodhest19 ore fa

    Gasly is always 5th

  • Krish
    Krish19 ore fa

    It's only fair for Nikita Mazepin to get thr second Mercedes seat. Him and Lewis share Seven world championships after all! Oh wait-

  • YSUPH Group
    YSUPH Group19 ore fa

    Gasly is starting to regain confidence and his pace. Hoping for a podium for him this weekend!!

  • Nick Alappat
    Nick Alappat19 ore fa

    No way she said the Ferraris came back down to earth 😭😭😂 brooo

  • Marcelo
    Marcelo19 ore fa

    Mazepin is the least Russian sounding Russian I've ever seen

  • Gurin Jeimuzu
    Gurin Jeimuzu19 ore fa

    He went to school in the UK - so he's spent most of his time speaking English. He still has a slight russian twang on some words

  • 1stGuyGamez _
    1stGuyGamez _19 ore fa

    @Ohana Singapore *read/heard

  • Ohana Singapore
    Ohana Singapore19 ore fa


  • Muhammad Fahad
    Muhammad Fahad19 ore fa

    I have a feeling that ferrari is gonna be on podium this weekend

  • Muhammad Fahad
    Muhammad Fahad19 ore fa

    @The KitOwl hahaha but little bit high track temperature that gonna work for them

  • The KitOwl
    The KitOwl19 ore fa

    Are you sure it’s not wind.

  • Calvin
    Calvin19 ore fa

    Well done Gasly! Fella has gained a lot of confidence ever since he was downgraded from Red Bull!

  • Gurin Jeimuzu
    Gurin Jeimuzu19 ore fa

    Gasly was downgraded because he is a 1st place driver and was calling shots at red bull. They didnt like that so gave him as little as possible support before booting him for Mr They Race Me So Hard

  • Aviation17
    Aviation1719 ore fa


  • Flavio Feitosa
    Flavio Feitosa19 ore fa

    Go Max... Go

  • Hendrik Siegel
    Hendrik Siegel19 ore fa

    Sportliche Integrität bei Hamilton? Das war der Witz des Jahres…

  • Fatmata & Leocardo Fatmata
    Fatmata & Leocardo Fatmata19 ore fa

    Hopefully this is the turnaround to Valtteri's 2021 season

  • The KitOwl
    The KitOwl19 ore fa

    As he’s agreed to play a supporting role for the team , it’s unlikely.

  • The Greatest Minds In History
    The Greatest Minds In History19 ore fa

    Alpha Tauri livery is absolutely stunning

  • Jeremy Woodruff
    Jeremy Woodruff19 ore fa