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Join us LIVE for the Post Race Show from Silverstone! Will Buxton is your host as we analyse all the action.

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  • HAID3N Official
    HAID3N Official5 giorni fa

    HAM wins by taking Ver out, LEC having engine issues and let through by BOT.. 10 secs hardly did anything against that luck. Imagine HAM going to the hospital and handing his victory plus trophy over to VER.... that would be massive. He's got 7 world champs, what he needs now is cavalry.

  • Simon KYKwok
    Simon KYKwok8 giorni fa

    7x world champ vs GP wc wannabe...?

  • Karolina Czop
    Karolina Czop8 giorni fa

    Don’t excuse Hamilton - it’s a pattern - Rosberg, Albon himself in Brazil and now Verstappen just to name a few…

  • Felix Fandorin
    Felix Fandorin8 giorni fa

    Alex is great 👍

  • iso_racer
    iso_racer8 giorni fa

    Me telling everyone to bring Albon back to F1 Watches post-race show: not what I had in mind

  • Ken Williams
    Ken Williams8 giorni fa

    🖕max.., he acts like someone owe him something.., you'll never be great like Hamilton, no matter how many titles you win..., so go win 90 more races then we can talk fool.

  • Sid Racker Speed
    Sid Racker Speed9 giorni fa

    I recall the great Michael Schumacher making similar moves on other drivers and he was condemned for those move. Now your 'Golden Boy' does the same and Max is being blamed. Lewis surely was at fault, the Stewarts made their decision however the penalty does not justify his dangerous driving. Max was slightly ahead of Lewis as such Lewis should have backed off . . . furthermore we need to realise that F1 is an aggressive sport, please stop saying Max was aggressive; which F1 driver isn't aggressive on a race day? All the Greats Prost, Schumacher, Senna etc Just to set the record straight, Lewis is no where near the class of Senna, Schumacher, Fangio, Stewart, Clark . . . Let's play fair and stop this bias when it comes to your 'Golden Boy' Rosberg please come back!!!

  • EverythingTechPro
    EverythingTechPro9 giorni fa

    Wow they are trying everything to not to put the BLAME ON LEWIS. If this was VETTEL they would have named him the worst driver on the GRID. We need more commentators who are not LEWIS fans and support just BRITISH Drivers.

  • Michael N.
    Michael N.9 giorni fa

    Plus Lewis did beat him he wrecked him out of the race,.. he is desperate he knows he can't beat max on equal terms... as far as the racist comments that's unacceptable and whoever would say such a thing is a uneducated and most likely not very smart as well it did look deliberate it's always that rear wheel pit maneuver.. that's not racing, it made him look weak

  • fetez1
    fetez19 giorni fa

    People are shocked cuz for once, Lewis didnt back out but we all know this would happen at some point. Happy he didnt. maybe max will realise he's not the only driver on track

  • Burning MrB
    Burning MrB9 giorni fa

    Nobody steers in on the inside of turn 9! Everybody who raced there knows

  • ChromaDragon
    ChromaDragon10 giorni fa

    That penalty was symbolic, nothing more. A "we have to give him SOMETHING because of the crash even though it's really just a racing incident" thing; if they really thought it warranted a full penalty that shoulda been a drive through at the least for such a massive crash.

  • Lex


    7 giorni fa

    Easy way to avoid criticism. Just make up your own story about why the stewards decided something and present it as a fact. The stewards only gave a 10 sec penalty, because they where afraid of the british fans. (Not my opinion off course, just a different version of the same debattrick ;)

  • Bill Gough
    Bill Gough10 giorni fa

    Watch carefully, Hamilton sped up just at that moment before the collision, it was a professional foul.

  • Erogaki
    Erogaki10 giorni fa

    If Red Bull can't salvage the PU in Max's car it is gonna be tricky later in the season.

  • Michael _007
    Michael _00710 giorni fa

    In albon mind is like " I wanna said" this guy is such a sore loser " but I need to watch what I'm gonna said xd

  • Greg Dixon
    Greg Dixon10 giorni fa

    Helmut Marko on the line 1 for you. "Why don't you hate Lewis as much as we do?

  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh10 giorni fa

    Redbull team is so toxic. this sport milliseconds count, coming back from 10 sec is a big deal. Not everyone couldve done it.

  • Lars
    Lars10 giorni fa

    I’m surprised how composed Albon is knowing Hamilton crashed into him twice and stole 2 podiums from him..

  • Kat
    Kat10 giorni fa

    Hamilton has been disqualified. The race was won by Charles Leclerc

  • MC Hammer
    MC Hammer10 giorni fa

    The Brits floundering to somehow magically take the blame off of Hamilton is hilarious.

  • Francuz in Poland
    Francuz in Poland10 giorni fa

    Welcome to Lewis Hamilton's channel, hope you enjoy the show!

  • Debatethecause3
    Debatethecause311 giorni fa

    Red Bull Tears Give You WINGS

  • teunex
    teunex11 giorni fa

    Preaching respect, while showing none. Has there been a bigger hypocrite in F1!? Not even close

  • teunex
    teunex11 giorni fa

    Who knew that Nico Rosberg was the clean one..........

  • david hunt
    david hunt11 giorni fa

    Remember the days of Vettel or Schumacher both were ruthless on the track Hamilton is no different !! Please don't tell me Verstappen isn't the same way .It is a competitive sport and all competitors want to win .

  • Xan Ng
    Xan Ng11 giorni fa

    alex and george super hilarious

  • Sean Han
    Sean Han11 giorni fa

    look back in 2019 when Valtteri got past lewis, non of them crashed back at that time still thankful that Max is alright

  • Anne Rud
    Anne Rud11 giorni fa

    Albon handled it well. Max ya know dying in the hospital as Lewis celebrated his win. Marko and Horner inciting hate towards Hamilton with Max pathetically complaining that Lewis was disrespectful in celebrating his win as Max would NEVER DO if he had won. Red Bull is disgusting in this entire response to a RACING INCIDENT. Red Bull needs to check their racism and their hypocrisy with aggressive racing. Disgusted with Red Bull.

  • torracarrot
    torracarrot11 giorni fa

    can someone help find the original soundtrack of 45:59? the video is sick tbh.

  • Inspector71
    Inspector7111 giorni fa

    People are way over analyzing this first lap incident. This was nothing more than two drivers racing each other hard and neither one willing to give ground. The result was dramatic and predictable. Racing incident plain and simple!

  • Leonardo Costa
    Leonardo Costa11 giorni fa

    Well.. I cheer for Max but that was a result of both drivers personality. None of them has historic of giving up but lately Max is being more aggressive then ever and in that case he's jumped radically into the Hamilton's car end left no time for any reaction from Hamilton's part. It's impossible to judge that case from footage because the footage doesn't show all the involved forces over a racing car cornering side by side over 260 km/h. The massive "cut" performed by Max was unfortunately the biggest component that brought the final format and taste to the cake.

  • redda2
    redda211 giorni fa

    Hamilton is a cheater

  • Sugiura Hiromi
    Sugiura Hiromi11 giorni fa

    I am in London. The media is missing the point!  In the F1 BRITISH GP, there is a video of the dangerous act of a Mercedes hitting a Red Bull when there was space on the inside corner.  This accident cost a racer his life.   We hope you can verify this.

  • Clive Horton
    Clive Horton11 giorni fa

    What happened to vertsappens tyre?

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose11 giorni fa

    Love seeing Alex again!!

  • Dj Richiee
    Dj Richiee11 giorni fa

    KARAMA - watch this all of yall = 7 Times Max Verstappen Clashed with his Rivals = @ 3:35 ( that is what max said ) !!!

  • The Jackal Channel
    The Jackal Channel11 giorni fa

    My issue with the Verstappen/Hamilton incident is the line that Hamilton took. Foul or not, Hamilton's line through Copse would have ended up with Verstappen being forced of the track if they did not touch so what would have been the proper action? Neither wants to give an inch (which is great for the battle) but there may need to be a bit more investigation into incidents like this one going forward.

  • TJ32
    TJ3211 giorni fa

    "when someone destroys your race through an error and it’s only a tap on the wrist and you are still able to come back and finish ahead of the person you took out, it doesn’t add up.” - Lewis Hamilton, 2018

  • Christopher Croezen
    Christopher Croezen11 giorni fa

    I used to watch this show religiously. Putting Lewis his mistake and being a sore loser under the rug, has done it for me. Keep that same energy if it goes the other way.. we all know that's what gonna happen.

  • Jack LB
    Jack LB11 giorni fa

    Did somebody tell the N word at 11:26?

  • okamus panulirus
    okamus panulirus11 giorni fa

    If only f1 gave DQs to drivers who wipeout other drivers, liken it to a flagrant foul resulting to an ejection. We would see more careful driving and would demand more skill from drivers lessening the mazepin grosjean phenomena lol. Could've seen leclerc and lando rack up more substaintial points for the championship run but it is what it is.

  • K20civicturbo
    K20civicturbo11 giorni fa

    Do not bring back Alex Albon hes just a terrible interviewer

  • J
    J11 giorni fa

    The British commentary during this race was F1 unworthy. Crofty and Brundle came out of the closet: big Hamilton fan boys. It was appalling for the neutral spectator. I'm considering cancelling my F1TV membership and go to the pirated streams. This was a disgrace for any professional sports commentator.

  • steve barcia
    steve barcia11 giorni fa

    Yikes. Poor Alex didn’t do that great on this did he

  • Corona Yona
    Corona Yona11 giorni fa

    Albon's like, "Please please please don't ask me what I feel about Lewis "Punt-me-out-twice-for-a-podium-and-probably-a-win" Hamilton.

  • kafui B
    kafui B11 giorni fa

    Max has always been dangerously aggressive, as soon as the favor is returned, his supporters start whining.

  • Josephine Burrows
    Josephine Burrows11 giorni fa

    I hope max has a speedy recovery after that big crash at the 2021 British grand Prix 😀😀😗

  • Chris s
    Chris s11 giorni fa

    i am very surprised how everyone just assumes max is going to jump back on the horse and be competing at 100% again at the next race after a crash like that. I hope he does but i wouldn't be surprised if it has changed him.

  • Will Will
    Will Will11 giorni fa

    Max had crazy room on the outside but Max decided to try to block Lewis and cut across in front

  • Lennart Markovic
    Lennart Markovic11 giorni fa

    the consequences of an incident isnt ever thought of in judgement. they judge the incident itself. the consequences are always varying so you cant judge on that.

  • Zizou 05
    Zizou 0511 giorni fa

    he did it intentionally he knows is not his first race .

  • Walter Hunter
    Walter Hunter11 giorni fa

    great video of how both drivers could have pulled back...why only a .10 sec penalty..

  • Clint Weimer
    Clint Weimer11 giorni fa

    So if Ham is racing a car with no chance, he doesn't have to take them out, but if he is racing someone better then he can? Got it.

  • Keepow
    Keepow11 giorni fa

    Hamilton wanted to make a great move in front of the stage, but was to slow made a mistake to arrogant to make up for it

  • Aaron Vannistelrooy
    Aaron Vannistelrooy11 giorni fa

    British biased sport.

  • Toni Maier
    Toni Maier11 giorni fa

    Das war reine Absicht Hamilton gehört eine Sperre für 2 Rennen und hätte die schwarze Flagge bekommen müssen eine Sauerrei der Rennleitung

  • Clockwork
    Clockwork11 giorni fa

    Will should be fired. What an absolute idiot.

    MANU THURUTHEL11 giorni fa

    Jolyon Palmer fantastic contribution and observations; Will Buxton great analysis on the Hamilton & Verstappen collision. Alex Albon couldn't say what he wanted; understood as such.

  • Lance Boil
    Lance Boil11 giorni fa

    The incident was absolutely NOTHING.... F1 is now a woke ultra far left mouthpiece....pathetic..

  • VSG_ Mrstathis
    VSG_ Mrstathis11 giorni fa

    Mercedes-Benz 9 ( the father ) ... FIA ( the pet of Mercedes-Benz) ..... Hamilton ( the children that doesn't know to lose) .... congratulations that u destroy the sport 👏

  • mr metal
    mr metal11 giorni fa

    It was 50/50 if Max was thinking championship let Lewis past and re take easily with drs. Max had so much more to loose. Looking back Max as a hunter would of easily passed Lewis. Thats why Lewis is the best f1 driver of his generation he made this situation.

  • Sandy Nahar
    Sandy Nahar11 giorni fa

    Max more aggresive the next races? He can try..but he has not same racecraft as Lewis...

    RDTY HPSR11 giorni fa

    Live chat is gone.

  • Salman Khawar
    Salman Khawar11 giorni fa

    Neither Max was fully to his left or Lewis was to his right it's a fault from both and when you are racing this could happend

  • Mikołaj Pietrzykowski
    Mikołaj Pietrzykowski11 giorni fa

    It’s better to push oppenent and get 10 sec penalty than lose really

  • jimmy billyjoe
    jimmy billyjoe11 giorni fa

    Back off you all and let's reset the race one more time. Assuming Lewis was driving aggressively on the outside, and Max on the inside trying to overtake and then CRASH. Lewis went to the hospital and Max eventually won the race. How would you have reacted to this hypothetic reversed scenario?

  • ShimONE
    ShimONE11 giorni fa

    LH 👎👎👎👎👎

  • rebecca Chua
    rebecca Chua11 giorni fa

    Get in there Lewis indeed 👿

  • Julien Nguyen
    Julien Nguyen11 giorni fa

    26:48 Lewis is alongside and Max knows or should know 26:49 if you look at Max’s onboard, clearly too much on the right handside of the corner if you consider he should have left enough room for both of them to make it through the corner. As pointed by Jolyon, Max drove aggressively expecting/forcing the other driver to pull off but it didn’t happen this time. Which is why you should always give enough room. Racing incident. End of.

  • visiongeorge
    visiongeorge11 giorni fa

    Jolyon Palmer quit those Bolivian mushrooms and have your eyes checked

  • Josef Angeria
    Josef Angeria11 giorni fa

    Max left space, Lewis missed apex, he did not have enough control of his vehicle, stewards see only incident and not outcome, Lewis gets penalised accordingly and the world moves on 👍👍 Be nice to eachother.

  • Capsaicin .TV.
    Capsaicin .TV.11 giorni fa

    Hamilton never cheats....bar when he backed Nico into seb for the world championship And told Toto "leave me alone I'm losing the world championship ye sure never cheats ....

  • Ayan Saha
    Ayan Saha11 giorni fa

    i am not a max fan but seeing ham not apologizing and celebrating like that just makes me sad and started to hate him

  • Laylah Waller
    Laylah Waller11 giorni fa

    Daily Bible reminder: Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his name!

  • sudhanshu maurya
    sudhanshu maurya11 giorni fa

    that RedBull guy with mic clearly know it wasn't lewis fault clearly and that's why he was stuttering.

  • Stubbsy
    Stubbsy11 giorni fa

    Max could have backed off and then fought for the win after that or eased to 2nd place. Why risk it when you're 30+ points up mate?

  • Sally Wang
    Sally Wang11 giorni fa

    Alex!!!! We missed you :):)

  • Vander Pereira
    Vander Pereira11 giorni fa

    There's rule and it was done so what the others says is only opinion. Both drivers were fighting for position side by side and Max should have done the same as Norris did. Norris was overtaked at the same place as max.

  • Diego Villavicencio
    Diego Villavicencio11 giorni fa

    2-times world champion Alonso saying Hamilton was fully alongside Max and that Max knew he was there. Albon who is a RB driver saying Max could have given more space. World Champion Damon Hill who also works for Red Bull saying Hamilton did nothing wrong and that Max did a similar move than Schumacher turning into people making them back off or crash. Leclerc who was the only driver who watched the incident directly saying how Max should have given more space and that it was a racing incident. Many other current and ex F1 drivers saying Hamilton did nothing wrong, like Ocon, Bottas, Palmer, Ricciardo, Sainz, Russell, and Vettel. A clear video example showing an IDENTICAL scenario in 2014 between Alonso and Vettel showing how Alonso backed off since he knew Vettel was on the inside and they didn't crash. But yes, Hamilton haters crying asking for a race ban, fully blaming Hamilton, saying he did it on purpose. Lol

  • Christian Horner
    Christian Horner11 giorni fa

    Lewis should know better. How does he live with himself.

  • Imad Basayev

    Imad Basayev

    11 giorni fa

    He lives quite well knowing he's only 8 behind

  • forzabrendan
    forzabrendan11 giorni fa

    Kind of crazy for Albon one year he is driving for Red Bull, the next year he is an analyst on the Post Race Show. Kind of sad.

  • Imad Basayev

    Imad Basayev

    11 giorni fa

    Same happened with Ocon and now he's back.

  • Rory Keegan
    Rory Keegan11 giorni fa

    The racing line you show is wrong ...

  • Rory Keegan
    Rory Keegan11 giorni fa

    I cannot see the reason for the Hamilton penalty ... that was a racing incident

  • Hudbudmudsud
    Hudbudmudsud11 giorni fa

    It would and could be considered a race incident if L wasn't known for doing such things.

  • kosmowariat
    kosmowariat11 giorni fa

    Lewis real champ. Schumacher style...

  • Imad Basayev

    Imad Basayev

    11 giorni fa

    Schum is the one who turned into people, like frog-boy. Lewis did nothing wrong.

  • Richard Lumley Smith
    Richard Lumley Smith11 giorni fa

    PATHETIC!. HAMILTON COULD HAVE KILLED Max. As leader Max was committed to corner, Hamilton deleberatltly refused to give way to Max knowing what would happen to Max!. Hamilton needs to ask himself - what if Max had been killed- was winning at Silverstone worth betraying a fellow driver!. Even BBC found to difficult to justify "shutting the door on a 180 mph corner?.. Mercedes leader had predicted prior to race that if Max crashed then Hamilton would have regain the tilles Mercedes paid so much for!.

  • karehaqt
    karehaqt11 giorni fa

    What's the point of racing if you have to back out from racing.

  • Danno_The_Inscrutable_
    Danno_The_Inscrutable_11 giorni fa

    I'm waiting for the Chain Bear episode about the crash. Also, I think Albon is fired.

  • Peter de Valk
    Peter de Valk11 giorni fa

    Almost killed Max Verstappen. This was undoubtedly an assassination!

  • Imad Basayev

    Imad Basayev

    11 giorni fa


  • Aiyub Patel
    Aiyub Patel12 giorni fa

    Alex not the ideal person to analyse this particular race

  • gordon riddell
    gordon riddell12 giorni fa

    Lewis had to show Max that if Max drives aggressively it can have consequences and as seen in Imola and Barcelona, Max thinks he has the upper hand in wheel to wheel combat. Lewis let him see that he is not a pushover when racing hard against him. Max had a choice not to turn in so aggressively knowing Lewis was there but he chose to turn in as if there was no car alongside him and that was Max's mistake. Lewis went for a gap that was there. Senna famously said when you do not go for a gap you are no longer a racing driver! Max now knows subconciously, Lewis won't back off for him.

  • Aegis Kay
    Aegis Kay12 giorni fa

    The crash would have been a none issue to Red Bull if Lewis' suspension got wrecked. Max would have known the risks with the double weave and he paid for it. It would have been the same for Lewis if the positions were switched. I hope Max recovers quickly and hope that he's not shaken too much by the incident, and I still think its incredible both he and the crowd walked away from that. A few decades ago, this would have been very different.

  • Rick Cohen
    Rick Cohen12 giorni fa

    Really loosing my respect fot Will here, should be more objective on the matter. Lewis under steered mist the apex and hit Max because of it, deservedly got a penalty soft or not. Horner is a bit over the top for sure but his reaction given the circumstances with Max out en Checo no chance at points is at least understandable.

  • Илья Давыдов
    Илья Давыдов12 giorni fa

    No respect for Hamilton . The dirtiest driver in F1. Even during the championship of Vettel, he regularly created dangerous situations. Max, get well soon!

  • Imad Basayev

    Imad Basayev

    11 giorni fa

    Frog-boy is by far the dirtiest on the grid and he changed directions twice which isn't allowed, but still failed to stop LH.

  • Dreamy_
    Dreamy_12 giorni fa

    Let’s see how Lewis Hamilton likes being pit maneuvered into a wall at 51G’s 🙂👍🔥

  • Imad Basayev

    Imad Basayev

    11 giorni fa

    The frogger pit-maneuvered himself by turning into LH

  • Dane Paulsen

    Dane Paulsen

    12 giorni fa

    Max shouldn't do this, he must win the championship cleanly

  • Pat Heenan
    Pat Heenan12 giorni fa

    Who will be the first to cry "racism"?

  • Blender589
    Blender58912 giorni fa

    British view when Hamilton makes a mistake - Oh this is just a minor mistake it happens, big speeds, not much time etc. When another driver makes a mistake and Hamilton is at the receiving end - British view, deport him, what a tool.

  • Roeland666
    Roeland66612 giorni fa

    97 SCHUMI was less violent. Assassination attempt!!!

  • Lady luck
    Lady luck12 giorni fa

    Get in there Lewis ...Hammer time.......😎😎😎

  • GT1956
    GT195612 giorni fa

    Max tried to bully Lewis into backing off by squeezing him, cutting in to the same line that he was taking. Either driver could have conceded the move but as Lewis has already said he will not be bullied in situations like that.

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