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This week’s guest may not be a household name, but for 20 years he was at the epicentre of Formula 1. Between the late 70s to early 90s, Peter Collins worked for Lotus under Colin Chapman, then Williams under Sir Frank, then Benetton alongside Flavio Briatore, before returning to run Lotus. In various managerial roles during that period he worked with some great drivers too: Keke Rosberg, Nigel Mansell, Gerhard Berger, Mika Hakkinen and Johnny Herbert. And the great news for us is that Peter has great anecdotes about all of them! So settle in for fabulous insight into a golden era of the sport - including the time he dispatched Hakkinen to do the school run…

3:56 - The artistry of a stunning pole position lap
08:01 - Racing with Mario Andretti at Lotus in 1979
12:38 - Building the ‘fantastic’ twin chassis Lotus with Colin Chapman
17:19 - The genius of Colin Chapman, and the passion of Frank Williams
23:58 - Working with the ‘demanding’ Keke Rosberg at Williams
27:27 - Leaving Williams and a rift with Frank
36:46 - Joining Benetton and working with Flavio Briatore
44:09 - Why Peter championed Johnny Herbert after his 1988 accident
48:26 - Racing and living with Mika Hakkinen, and breaking him out of jail…
56:45 - Falling out and reconciling with Colin Chapman
1:03:23 - Peter’s current project - seeking future stars
1:07:35 - Tom reads your messages about Charles Leclerc’s Beyond The Grid interview

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  • MrCatalysis101
    MrCatalysis1012 giorni fa

    Fabulous interview. I just wish that F1 would ditch the corny adverts.

  • Seve Sellors
    Seve Sellors3 giorni fa

    Great podcast most interesting, keep them coming!

  • Lewis Johnstone
    Lewis Johnstone3 giorni fa

    Get Nigel Mansell on next!!

  • Fabian Rocha
    Fabian Rocha4 giorni fa

    Is he related to the other Peter Collins? The Racing Driver?

  • Kevin Flores
    Kevin Flores5 giorni fa

    What about phil Collins from genesis?

  • petaQ
    petaQ5 giorni fa

    Ei've wut

  • 7sq
    7sq5 giorni fa

    Bin that clfck track bs music !!!

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b55 giorni fa

    49:30 "Didn't _Mika_ live with you for a while? Couldn't you shove him out the door and send him for a run or something?" 😂😂 1:05:30 "In Hamilton, I see a lot of disruption." Though _Collins_ doesn't get to elaborate, I'm glad to hear someone finally point this out. I would go as far as to say HAM's seeking to influence company policy is one of the key reasons _Merc_ are losing their way and haemorrhaging key staff.

  • Bhaskaran Thenkurissi
    Bhaskaran Thenkurissi6 giorni fa

    Dear Tom, the podcast off late has been a bit uninspiring. The podcast revolves around tbe same theme. We want to hear from the guest. There was a lot more that you could have asked rather than about others. I listen to both this and f1 nation. At the rare at which it is going and the effort you take to defend Lewis, you are going to lose a lot of listeners.

  • Lurcher260
    Lurcher2606 giorni fa

    A great talk with Peter! Can you do a podcast with Nigel Stepney next?

  • 1904Jester1992
    1904Jester19926 giorni fa

    Don't forget, also, that Colin Chapman was a criminal. Thanks

  • Zac Brennan
    Zac Brennan7 giorni fa

    Would love if you could get Ron Dennis on the podcast as he has worked with everyone there is to and is quite a controversial figure

  • Scott Meredith
    Scott Meredith9 giorni fa

    Normally couldn't wait to listen, but your defense of Lewis is so unbelievably biased and infuriating I'm not sure I want to. Hope it's worth it Tom.

  • Yeolde GamerSteve

    Yeolde GamerSteve

    9 giorni fa

    Agreed, had to stop at that point.

  • Ciaron Smith
    Ciaron Smith9 giorni fa

    The great talent-spotter himself!

  • Footwork
    Footwork9 giorni fa

    Fantastic podcast. I think I like hearing from these team managers, engineers, etc. more than most of the drivers.

  • Marko M
    Marko M9 giorni fa

    Kimi Räikkönen is the latest Ferrari world champion, as well as the latest winner of the Lotus team.

  • Herschel赫歇爾


    9 giorni fa

    That was Renault, not the original "Team Lotus" from 1958.

  • SoloXFuRy
    SoloXFuRy9 giorni fa

    Thought that was Stannis Baratheon for a second

  • Eoin
    Eoin9 giorni fa

    To us Irish (a different) Peter Collins was the lead commentator for Irish broadcaster RTÉ's Formula 1 coverage from 1995 to 2004.

  • Fabian Rocha

    Fabian Rocha

    8 giorni fa

    There was also a Driver named Peter Collins who raced in F1 during the 50s He won 3 races(Spa and France in 1956 and Silverstone in 1959) but sadly died in an accident in 1958 during the German Grand Prix sadly

  • starlord2400
    starlord24009 giorni fa

    At first i thought the guy at the thumbnail was elon musk

    ANDREW SHER9 giorni fa

    Speaking about Mansell at Lotus, the team boss at the time,peter warr, disliked mansell for his inability to keep up with elio de angelis and never thought of mansell becoming a grand prix winner

  • Footwork


    9 giorni fa

    Elio de Angelis is wildly underrated. Covered Mansell and kept up with Senna in 1985 as teammates at Lotus.

  • Rafael Ambrosini
    Rafael Ambrosini9 giorni fa

    F1 gave someone a heart in the previous video. The next step is to pin someone. :D

  • kjoer
    kjoer9 giorni fa

    Probably yet another interview where there's more talk about the famous people he worked with, rather than his own work.

  • Stefan Bekan

    Stefan Bekan

    14 ore fa

    Yeah, and he seems like a person who can tell a a lot for his methods, how he made it work and so on.

  • Samba GoGo
    Samba GoGo9 giorni fa

    Fascinating guy to listen to. A real shame that the interviewer instantly shut down talk of anything that wasn't, in his words, "positive" and routinely failed to further pursue discussing some of the potentially very interesting remarks Peter Collins had made.

  • CosmicOwl


    8 giorni fa

    You're on the F1 channel listening to an F1 employee interview someone who worked in F1. Clearly it's got an F1 agenda from Tom's side.

  • Piotr Kobielus
    Piotr Kobielus9 giorni fa


  • Underbird
    Underbird10 giorni fa

    Thank you for interviewing him!

  • Guasa Guga
    Guasa Guga10 giorni fa

    Of course colin chapman,the man who is the goat of being fair to his drivers

  • أميرة الراقص.dancing princess
    أميرة الراقص.dancing princess10 giorni fa


  • Red Beta
    Red Beta10 giorni fa

    Must be overwhelming! Glad Formula 1 are covering this!

  • Shivam Pat3l
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    @Alan ALI 12 ok?

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    Alan ALI 12

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    Go away

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  • Trex3n20


    9 giorni fa

    Hello everyone back to Beyond The Grid™️

  • Guasa Guga

    Guasa Guga

    10 giorni fa

    It's me.

  • Terrible Username Amirite?

    Terrible Username Amirite?

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