The Drivers' Reactions To The First Ever F1 Sprint | 2021 British Grand Prix

The inaugural F1 Sprint was all the talk in the paddock on Saturday! Listen to the drivers' takes from a historic day, ahead of what promises to be a blockbuster Silverstone Sunday.

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  • Chris Wurfel
    Chris Wurfel10 giorni fa

    Friday: *60 Minute Practice for young drivers only who dont have a main drive. *60 Minute Practice for main drivers. Saturday: *Qualifying - Q1 & Q2. Counts towards Sundays grandprix and end of Q2 sets grid for Sprint race. *Sprint race - Small amount of points awarded. Sunday: *30min warm up for drivers eliminated in Q1 & Q2. *Qualifying - Q3. *Normal Grand Prix

  • mieke decock
    mieke decock11 giorni fa

    close it was

  • Maxi F
    Maxi F12 giorni fa

    A new challenge premiere race in F1 the sprint Quali arrived in F1 with an not really exciting race but improvement from everybody checo unlucky end George top 10 flat out finish great Max ahead of both Mercedes MC vs Ferrari behind them tomorrow everybody get new chance to improve more then today

  • Salvador Valle
    Salvador Valle12 giorni fa

    MaFIA powered by Mercedez ! Lewis Is a criminal .

  • HuntingVideos
    HuntingVideos12 giorni fa

    I wish F1 commenters would be neutral

  • tasty rabbit
    tasty rabbit12 giorni fa proper muffled bulldogs with these masks

  • No Chops
    No Chops12 giorni fa

    Its a gimmick. YAWN.

  • Urszula Gromadzka
    Urszula Gromadzka12 giorni fa

    Co seciurity ze złodziejstw nazwisk

  • dchang gab
    dchang gab12 giorni fa

    Titulo em português

  • Ikilleddave
    Ikilleddave12 giorni fa

    Sprint races in formula 1? That's what formula two is for is it not? What an absolute Joke, FIA have ruined this sport.

  • Christopher allen sutton
    Christopher allen sutton12 giorni fa

    how considerate of you fools more carbon for the atmosphere just what we did not need!!!!!!!

  • Christopher allen sutton

    Christopher allen sutton

    12 giorni fa

    idiot when you are choking on the volcanic ash remember me...

  • No Chops

    No Chops

    12 giorni fa

    Hold your breath to compensate.

  • John Morris
    John Morris12 giorni fa

    Hamilton should be barred for 1race Hamilton bad loser did same to Rosberg that’s why he retired maybe because Ham have problems when beat him

  • GPBX01B
    GPBX01B12 giorni fa

    Man, that brand of mask F1 apparently makes everyone but Lewis wear is garbage. If I can see your entire nostril…it don’t work!

  • GPBX01B


    11 giorni fa

    @Niki Georgiev Well, not if I can see the hair in his nose.

  • Niki Georgiev

    Niki Georgiev

    12 giorni fa

    It's a U-mask and they were proven to not be effective, so they really dont work

  • Justin bunn
    Justin bunn12 giorni fa

    Can't see reactions because they have face nappies

  • LowSkillCamper
    LowSkillCamper12 giorni fa

    Daniel needs a bigger mask to fit his smile.

  • Tatti77
    Tatti7712 giorni fa


  • Alvin Balisi
    Alvin Balisi12 giorni fa

    Scrap this sprint race. You'll get more accidents and wreck cars doing this. And it will only benefit the top 2 teams.

  • 김진영
    김진영12 giorni fa

    perez cheer up

  • Masi
    Masi12 giorni fa

    Everyvody else: Latifi: trying to beat eminem.

  • Mr. തക്കുടു
    Mr. തക്കുടു12 giorni fa

    Formula Yawn

  • Charlie Scott
    Charlie Scott12 giorni fa

    If you dislike Danny Ric or Checo then you're a psychopath

  • McRocket
    McRocket12 giorni fa

    Stroll actually makes Kimi look talkative.

  • Press Play, Mike!
    Press Play, Mike!12 giorni fa

    ocon gets 3 yrs contract and immediately is the worst driver in the season (with mazepin) -

  • Kasimir den Hertog
    Kasimir den Hertog12 giorni fa

    Hamilton talking about yesterday instead of today, next thing you know he’ll be talking about last year instead of this year

  • Muhamad Fakhrurrazzi
    Muhamad Fakhrurrazzi13 giorni fa

    Latifi speak way more faster than hes car..

  • Dayvini
    Dayvini13 giorni fa

    Muito ruim esse formato novo

  • Vishruth Sai Reddy C
    Vishruth Sai Reddy C13 giorni fa

    Lewis : My team Me : Further say's Mercedes don't like Valterri

    JOE LYVE13 giorni fa

    seb thoughts on sprint:"Free practice not as exciting as a race so there you have your answer"

  • Wat Tyler
    Wat Tyler13 giorni fa

    I fail to what was wrong with old system. The saying goes,'if it ain't broke,don't fix it'.

  • Smoney
    Smoney13 giorni fa

    Sprint races are the dumbest thing you’ve done since giving a race to Saudi Arabia

  • Love Laugh
    Love Laugh13 giorni fa

    everytime im down on my luck i think of perez and i feel better

  • Bruno Lima Dias
    Bruno Lima Dias13 giorni fa

    Not complaining about it at all, but Leclerc has completely given up the masks haha

  • szewei1985
    szewei198513 giorni fa

    Haha interesting

  • Thermostokulus
    Thermostokulus13 giorni fa

    How’s Seb managed 2nd place but Ricardo only 6th 😩

  • Lionel Hutz
    Lionel Hutz13 giorni fa

    it is a Race fy FIA for calling it sprint.

  • gary mcfall
    gary mcfall13 giorni fa

    I really miss refueling. Run light for qualifying then stop early. Or go long. It added and element of strategy and surprise that is lost.

  • Lot R
    Lot R13 giorni fa

    who makes the subtitles for these...

  • Aru Garg
    Aru Garg13 giorni fa

    Carlos most underrated driver on the grid

    SMOOTH13_YT13 giorni fa


  • BBO
    BBO13 giorni fa

    RBR and alpha Tauri are both struggling a lot more on Silverstone...

  • Ricky Dellaway
    Ricky Dellaway13 giorni fa

    I think it’s pointless

  • Wayne Lawley
    Wayne Lawley13 giorni fa

    Don't see the point in the sprint race it adds nothing extra to the f1 weekend

  • ZGoten
    ZGoten13 giorni fa


  • Bharat Swarup
    Bharat Swarup13 giorni fa

    Every other driver - 👲 Mazepin - 🍍

  • Chris P
    Chris P13 giorni fa

    Hamilton had fastest qualifier lap, pole position, and fastest lap in the sprint race - so the car had the pace. He was just outdriven in the sprint race.

  • A_n_d_y_H
    A_n_d_y_H13 giorni fa

    I didn't quite understand how the format work and so I was a bit confused earlier in the week. However, now seeing the Quali and the Sprint Race, I actually like the format. 17 laps, pretty much flat out the whole time and drivers don't have to conserve tyres, it is pretty exciting.

  • ??


    13 giorni fa

    They still need to conserve their tyres. Just less

  • Josh Watton
    Josh Watton13 giorni fa

    Imagine having to manage tyres on a 17 lap race. Should just be able to send it, isn’t that the point?

  • James Rush
    James Rush13 giorni fa

    Lewis says they need to take more steps forward but there cars look equal. Lewis could have easily one that he just messed up the start. It’s annoying he can’t see that and place that as the reason he lost it. As he could have held max off easily.

  • GamerChuck 17
    GamerChuck 1713 giorni fa

    Goodbye to surprise pole positions with this farce of a qualifying. Friday qualy was tense af, this was boring.

  • Rafał Kuwik
    Rafał Kuwik13 giorni fa

    Everyone: talk about the sprint race. Lewis: yes, I've got the pole position

  • SASraceCAM
    SASraceCAM13 giorni fa

    bottas yes I will do everything to help hamilton out give me a new contract merc 🙏

  • Arya Dimas
    Arya Dimas13 giorni fa

    We'll see the rocket first lap from checo👍🔥🔥

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G13 giorni fa

    Leclerc.. we had the same pace as mercedes 🤣🤣🤣

  • aidan wilson
    aidan wilson13 giorni fa

    Why is Hamilton always like “we” maybe max is just out preforming you in driving this year accept it

  • AdamF1
    AdamF113 giorni fa

    This really ruined checos chances of a podium. He couldve overtaken charles for p4. Now he has to pull a sakhir

  • BigBoy💪
    BigBoy💪13 giorni fa

    Don't understand why they still wearing face mask 😷 surly they have all had there vaccine by now !!

  • Byleven
    Byleven13 giorni fa

    They've basically taken the action of the first few laps of the race. The race will feel even longer than ususal.

  • Feverpitch80
    Feverpitch8013 giorni fa

    Formula 1 Management - We need Alonso in Perez's red bull, I will watch every weekend. Hamilton V Alonso V Verstappen.

  • Catalin Barbut
    Catalin Barbut13 giorni fa

    Vettel is a simple man. “I like racing, so..” 🤣

  • kodrich1204
    kodrich120413 giorni fa

    Gasly looks so beaten 🥺

  • elvis
    elvis13 giorni fa

    Not sure I like the sprint format. Its a bit like George said there, after lap 17 is when the action happens with pit stop strategy. Felt a bit underwhelming at the finish. Personally as a fan I don't mind leaving all the racing till Sunday because it creates more excitement and importance around 1 race. The stakes are higher for the drivers to get it right on one day and that's always been the case with formula 1. Maybe the sprint could be better with a few changes but I fear it may damage the integrity of the sport.

  • Arman Lakha
    Arman Lakha13 giorni fa

    Mazepins hair makes him look like Gunther from friends

  • Ratfink820
    Ratfink82013 giorni fa

    At this point I'd be a better driver than Mazespin.

  • Ketsune23
    Ketsune2313 giorni fa

    Hope this spring race thing is not here to stay.

  • mojoblues66
    mojoblues6613 giorni fa

    Blistering on the mediums after just 13 laps, Pirelli need to get their act together in order to make this sprint race not another tire management session.

  • JacketsAreWarm
    JacketsAreWarm13 giorni fa

    Mazepin beat perez in the worse car, Mazepin gonna be a 10 time WC

  • Bryce Wallace
    Bryce Wallace13 giorni fa

    Ok but let’s talk about the fact that the one time Russell finishes inside the top 10 is the one time they don’t give points to top 10

  • Krrish Amit Mohan
    Krrish Amit Mohan13 giorni fa

    Checo has done it before and he'll do it again. I am predicting P6 for Checo.

  • mrmikef10
    mrmikef1013 giorni fa

    Can we finally stop pretending those masks actually do anything? Thanks.

  • Rusty
    Rusty13 giorni fa

    I got pumped off? C'mon Carlos.

  • Kelvin Shamudzarira
    Kelvin Shamudzarira13 giorni fa

    If u look at it closely Ricciardo is actually the jokester among the drivers😂...i love that about him

  • RY
    RY13 giorni fa

    That short break away from F1 has made Alonso a better driver now. He seems so calm and collected now no pressure and just driving for pure love and not titles and stuff. Same goes for Vettel as well they are really enjoying themselves in F1 now.

  • Payoff Wizard
    Payoff Wizard13 giorni fa

    Get in there Daniel. I will tattoo Cyril If you get another podium.

  • Aman Naikwar
    Aman Naikwar13 giorni fa

    This is not the red bull sandwich we expected…

  • Matteo Siefert
    Matteo Siefert13 giorni fa

    Alonso is a freaking legend! Give him a championship contending car and he'll be absolutely in fighting for that championship!

  • Nazrul Imran
    Nazrul Imran13 giorni fa

    Boring Lewis....gonna be Looser

  • u2zero2u
    u2zero2u13 giorni fa

    Now I know why Mazapin spins so much, his car is top heavy with that massive forehead of his.

  • VFRIP NerdyThings
    VFRIP NerdyThings13 giorni fa

    First 50 comments I read, no one mentioned that Mazepin was the only one who didn't wear a mask. Yeesh.

  • 7alex6
    7alex613 giorni fa

    Now that Lewis gets pole he is proud of the team but when he finishes 5th it's the teams fault :) It's easy to be humble when you're successful

  • Wei Li
    Wei Li13 giorni fa

    When was the last time Kimi said this many words in front a camera? And they were not about drinks!

  • Jameson Tang
    Jameson Tang13 giorni fa

    incoming checos drive thru the field video

  • Liasos88
    Liasos8813 giorni fa

    Sprint race should be 1 lap in go-carts.

  • Roudy H.
    Roudy H.13 giorni fa

    What about having a 1vs1 knockout qualifying?

  • ehemals simeht t
    ehemals simeht t13 giorni fa

    ❤️ Fernando Alonso & Alpine ❤️

  • larry N
    larry N13 giorni fa

    We need to see the onboads

  • Tim canniff
    Tim canniff13 giorni fa

    Max winstappen!!!!

  • Ijat Murdafi
    Ijat Murdafi13 giorni fa

    I smell perez as driver of the day tomorrow 🧐

  • DJ (Not a real DJ)
    DJ (Not a real DJ)13 giorni fa

    Hams car has proven now to be just as fast as the Red Bull. So the only thing that has to improve is Hamilton not making mistakes when he's under presure

  • Felippe
    Felippe13 giorni fa

    Lance Stroll is the most soulless driver

  • filipe beat
    filipe beat13 giorni fa

    lando norris go haaaard boooom 🔥

  • Florian 2711
    Florian 271113 giorni fa

    Double Time Latifi is back

    RAFI MOTORS13 giorni fa

    Vettel P8: looks so sad Russell P9: looks so happy Come on Aston, give your cars a much needed upgrade already

  • JarppaGuru
    JarppaGuru13 giorni fa

    they should reverse grid if they want more overtaks if they want keep sport safety by making cars more overtake possible LOL. same thing? fast cars leave from back more overtake. more suprice winners . mayby, but next race they start from back and max and lewis start middle if they did not overtake everyone. lot more sport. lets make soft tyres have medium layer under it. and medium tyre have soft tyres so they not need come pit. they will have fresh kinda diff tyres after they wear off

  • RodHammett95
    RodHammett9513 giorni fa

    Seb: wait this wasn't Free Practice?

  • JarppaGuru
    JarppaGuru13 giorni fa

    sprint race not mean anything. its just one stint. last stint, but everyone has empty tank and fresh tires and start from grid. there is no diff tactics. they should drop some practice sessions and safe more. so stint come kinda practise and more can happen

  • Roman Arkhipov
    Roman Arkhipov13 giorni fa

    Perez going to be in top 6! Mark my words.

  • Storm Apex
    Storm Apex13 giorni fa

    i like how alonso calls the tyres yellow and red 🤣

  • saddist1Gtown
    saddist1Gtown13 giorni fa

    Perez has sold out.. He has gone to Red Bull to be the perfect "wing-man" notice the Red Bull worshippers at Sky how quiet they are about this. Remember the days they were the leaders in accusing Bottas of this? Notice their silence? At Racing Point Perez was never 7 tenths slower than a Red Bull now in the SAME car he could never get close to Max.

  • Morfeusz


    13 giorni fa

    Perez cant get to max bc of him doing diffrent strategies in case of max crash, it is risking perez lower position but if the strategy works he is a winner

  • Václav Vitanovsky
    Václav Vitanovsky13 giorni fa

    Stewards said they Will be easier on 1st lap incidents leclerc ruined race for 3 guys and got nothing while george got penalty for this....

  • AM75 AM75
    AM75 AM7513 giorni fa

    This new format rewards the real talented drivers. You know the Verstappens, Hamiltons LeClercs, Norris', Alonsos, Russells, Gaslys and the Raikonnens. All of these guys beat their team mates on merit where as in qualifying it can be a lucky lap but racing rewards consistency and that's what talented drivers have. Shame about Perez but he can redeem himself tomorrow.

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